From a Mum of Three

Eleanor Croker | 27 OCT 2016

When my first child was born I was thrown into an unknown world. I thought I was prepared for being a mum. I was a trained teacher and I had spent most of my life looking after children in some capacity. I had been a ‘nanny’ in America. I had cared for children in Kenya. I had babysat for children in my community much of my teenage life. I helped in kids church and crèche--you name it, I was ready! But when this precious little bundle arrived, I was overwhelmed at how small, dependent and reliant this little person was on me. Suddenly, I realised that there was no handbook or instruction manual. It was down to us to figure things out together.

When he was born it was the hottest July in the UK, ever! For the first three nights of our new life, I pretty much camped with the baby in the living room. I couldn’t sleep. I was so worried that he was either too hot, too cold, not breathing properly, hadn’t had enough to eat etc. As you may well imagine, by night three, I was totally exhausted. At that point, I looked at my gorgeous boy and I looked up at God and prayed. “Father, this is your baby and I know that you love him even more than I do. I give him to you and I trust you with his life." And that continues to be my prayer for all of my children. I want my children, like my husband and I, and like the Lord we follow, to be adventurers. I pray that our children will walk in Jesus’ footprints, following where he leads them.

Parenting in itself is an awesome adventure, one I treasure wholeheartedly.
-Eleanor Croker

Our family has lived in risky places and taken huge leaps of faith to be where we are today, and through it all we have seen God’s hand of protection and hand of blessing. Parenting in itself is an awesome adventure, one I treasure wholeheartedly. Being a mum has brought out the best and the worst in me. I have learned that there are some very important words not only to teach our children but to say to our children, regularly--please, thank you, sorry and I forgive you. There are many times when my children have caused ‘monster mummy’ to appear. I am not proud of this but it does give us the opportunity to talk together, to recognise that we have feelings and to model “I’m sorry, will you forgive me?”

That little baby is now 10 and he faces all the challenges at school that boys face. Currently, he is dealing with a boy who can be less than friendly to him at times and each day we talk about what has happened. There are days when he is frustrated and angry and has to work out how to deal with those feelings and other days when I see him step back from the situation and look at things from a different angle. On those days, I hear him saying things like “It was a tough day today, but I was able to forgive and make friends again.” That’s when my heart smiles and I am proud that he is listening to that small voice inside. And I thank God that he holds my boy’s hand and walks with him.

Thank the Lord for your children and keep trusting Him with their lives. He is holding them close.