The sermon library from South City C3.

Out of Sync Marriage

To be in sync with God about marriage is to be out of sync with our culture - but that's OK. In this short message, Ps. Steve looks at what it means to honour marriage (Hebrews 13:4).


In the book of Ephesians Paul outlines God's great plan for the world. God always knew that through Jesus he would save all the people of the world from their sins. He also knew he would draw all people together under the authority of his Son as his people. In Ephesians, Paul outlines this gospel story and then he shows the difference it makes in the way God's people speak and behave.

Psalms of Trust

In this series, we will be looking at the book of Psalms and its revelation of God. We live in a world that is continuously rattled by anxiety. Everything seems uncertain. But anxiety is not a new human emotion; rather it has always been felt. Every person alive has had to contend for peace of mind and heart. We believe that God is the only source of true peace and pondering God’s greatness and intimate care of us, as displayed in the Psalms, is a sure way to build a trust in Him that conquers all fear.

Julia Grace

We are very blessed this week to have singer, speaker and storyteller, Julia Grace as our special guest at the evening service.