All of the Sermon series from St Martins C3.

Life Together

One of the distinctives of the church is the quality of its life together. As the people of God share themselves with each other they show the giving nature of the character of God. However, this is not always as heavenly as it should be. This series explores how our life together now can be open, authentic and possible.

Identity AND Purpose

Guest speaker Kristen Williams looks at two great emphases in Christianity over the last 20 years: our identity as children of God and the purpose to bring God's Kingdom. Too often we emphasize one or the other, but what if we could fully grasp both?

Life-Changing Acts

The largest movement in history started with 120 followers of Jesus who gathered in Jerusalem. They were there because they realised that Jesus is God and they knew that everyone needed to know it. In this series, we explore the book of Acts and look at the things those first followers knew and the things they did that brought life to all the world, so that we might do the same.

The Call

Living life as a follower of Jesus is a radical yet simple thing to do. In this message, Jonty explores the calling of the first disciples to see how we too can live this life of faith.