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Amp it up Camp
November 10 - 12

Weekend vision: Hopelessness abounds in our world but we serve a God who gives hope! Amp It Up Camp 2023 is all about planting seeds of hope in our youth. The weekend will be full of fun, good food and sparking hope that will shine bright in our world. 

Venue: Glenroy Lodge 


Cost:  $70 payment to: C3 Church Christchurch 03-0802-0033031-00  | Reference: Surname  |  Code: 6-3129


Transport: We will be gathering at St Martins C3, 144 Wilsons Street on Friday, November 10th at 7pm. We plan to depart in transport vans by 7:30pm. For the return trip, we plan to leave Glenroy Lodge at 11am on Sunday, November 12th and be back to St Martins for a 12pm pick up. 


​The Overview Weekend Plan:


  • 7pm -Gather at St. Martins C3

  • 7:30pm - Leave St Martins C3


  • Morning- Breakfast, Teaching, Worship, Activities 

  • Afternoon- Lunch, Chill Time, Activities 

  • Evening- Dinner, Worship, Teaching and S'mores



  • Morning- Breakfast, Devotionals, Clean 

  • 11am- Depart Glenroy Lodge

  • 12pm- Arrive at St Martins C3


Please use the form below to register your youth:

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